Product Immersion.

Not a conference.

Not a training session.

An experience like no other.

About the Experience

 Day of Powerful Learning
Product Immersion
Product Immersion

What is it?

Are you tired of uninspiring conferences? We are too.

Have you walked away from conferences feeling like your time was wasted? We do too.

We designed Product Immersion to teach a new way of working. Geared at product managers, designers, researchers, consultants, engineers, analysts, or frankly anyone looking to learn the beautiful art of product management. 


Through "squad" sessions - interactive, small groups led by industry experts - be prepared to roll-up your sleeves and learn skills you can actually apply day in and out. This is exactly what you have been waiting for - a day in the life of a product manager.

What to expect?


Warning: This bold experience brings what no conference or class has done before. If you are considering attending be prepared to spend the day being fully immersed. Be prepared to bring your "A" game.

  • Don't expect to be sitting and listening to speakers. 

  • You will be an active participant in a series of interactive experiences.

  • Dress casually, we want you to learn in comfort.

  • Breakfast, lunch, coffee, and most importantly a happy hour will be provided.

  • The experience will take place in a modern, open space setting.

  • There will only be approximately 25 people in each session.

  • The experience is "invite only" to ensure your experience remains intimate and personalized.

Product Immersion is by invitation only. If you feel you are ready for Product Immersion, Request an Invitation. 


NYC - Alpha HQ

October 23rd 9am-4pm

Product Immersion experience at "The Workshop" of the Alpha HQ in the heart of NYC.

NYC- Alpha HQ

Q4 Event Coming Soon

Product Immersion experience at "The Workshop" of the Alpha HQ in the heart of NYC.


Q1 2021

Product Immersion experience on the at the OFFSITE in Chicago.



Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe


"Over the shoulder" observation sessions to learn about users behaviors and needs.



Powerful short and intimate talks by industry experts with no presentations providing real-deal straight talk and "ask me anything" Q/A time.



Expert guided sessions geared identifying competitors, understanding their strengths, and weaknesses.

THe Art of


Master product stand-ups and meetings through simulated sessions lead by industry expert PMs tackling real-life scenarios.



Perfect persona reviews by examining personas, user aspirations, and needs all lead by real UX designers.



Mock interviews to gather customer feedback, pain-points, and enhancements lead by expert product researchers.



Ask for Invitation

Sprint 1

"Create It"

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Customer Persona Reviews

  • Client Insights & Analytics

  • Inspiring TED Talks

Sprint 2

"Build It"

  • Prioritize like a Pro

  • Art of Stand-Ups

  • Master Story-telling

  • Inspiring TED Talks

Sprint 3

"Launch It"

  • Soft Launch Sessions

  • Communicate, Communicate

  • Post Launch - Shadow Sessions

  • Inspiring TED Talks


Frequently asked questions

How is this different from conferences?

This is not a conference! You will not be listening to a series of speakers. This is going to be a full day of interactive and intimate experiences. The sessions will take place in small group settings (teams of 8-10). You should expect to be standing, using sticky notes, whiteboards, etc.

Why is Product Immersion invite only?

We truly want to ensure that committed participants will be attending the experience. This will require a full day time commitment and is intended for people that really want to learn the art of product in a unique way.

How will I know if I got accepted?

After you request an invitation; we will review your request and a link will be sent to you to register for the event.

Is there a fee for the event?

Yes, this is a new way of learning and conducted by industry experts. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, and happy hour are provided and you will have the opportunity to network with your squad (the participants in your experience) during and after the event. All events will take place in modern and top rated spaces.

Is it just for Product Managers?

No! Product Immersion is actually really geared at teaching the art of product. Expect to learn competitive analysis, customer interviews, persona reviews, and much more. The experience is also geared at a new way of working. The skills you will learn will give you a competitive advantage and can be applied to your work, whether you’re a PM, designer, a management consultant, or in any type of collaoborative, analytical, or creative role.

What happens at an Product Immersion event?

The event is a fully immersive one day session. Below is an outline of what you can expect at an event. 1. Product Immersion are one day workshops geared at providing educational training the product management discipline. During these sessions, attendees will participate in various workshops and learn various skills in small group settings. The skills will range from competitive analysis workshops, mock customer interview tactics, getting customer insight and feedback approaches, building a product, working with engineering, launching a product, communicating a product, etc. 2. The ticket price will include a full day session from 8am-5pm. Included in the ticket are the following educational session: a. A 30 minute immersive talks (listen to industry experts and ask them anything on your mind - on product management topics) b. 4 90 minute interactive sessions - competitive analysis, persona reviews, customer insights/feedback c. 1 60 minute -case study review d. Included in the ticket are a full breakfast, full lunch, and a one hour happy hour to network with others in your group.

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