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with Vivek Bedi

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An Immersive 4-Week Program

With Keynote Presenter and Author

Storytelling is one of the most important skills you need to advance your career, yet many of us do not have the right resources to improve in this area. Through this 4-week virtual training, you will master the art of storytelling and feel confident in your abilities to present, whether in a meeting, a pitch, or on a conference stage.



Introduction & Story Blueprint

Week 1

  1. Explore the art of storytelling and why it can help you in your career.

  2. Each student will identify a story they would like to use throughout the course. This will serve as the foundation we will build on through the course. Your them can be a project, meeting, or anything that you are working on.

  3. Group discussion on stories that have inspired and motivated you. Also what are challenges you face that stories can help address.

  4. Explore Vivek's four quadrants technique to help develop your story framework.

  5. Homework assignment: Develop a story based on the theme you selected to share next week.

Audience, Emotions, & Authenticity

Week 2

  1. Share your story with the class.

  2. Explore the key role your audience plays in your story.

  3. Explore tactics that can elevate your story such as adding emotion and authenticity.

  4. Group exercise focused on identifying three ways to improve your story using real and raw methods.

  5. Homework assignment: Refine your story to add at least three real and raw components.

Turn Your Story Into A Show

Week 3

  1. Explore how to engage your audience.

  2. Learn lessons from failed stories and tips from successful ones. 

  3. Explore the key role visuals, tones, images, colors, fonts, and physical cues play in your story delivery.

  4. Group discussion on ways to disrupt your story and delivery style.

  5. Group exercise - using the pinch and zoom technique to enhance your story.

  6. Homework assignment: Refine your story to turn it into a show.

It's Show-Time

Week 4

  1. Each student will present their final story to the class.​

  2. Group discussion on how we will leverage the course in our day to day.

  3. Advice from Vivek on mastering your stories.

In addition, each student will receive:

  1. A one-hour 1-1 coaching session with Vivek to discuss storytelling, career advancement, etc

  2. A copy of Vivek's book: You: The Product where he discusses the real skills you need to succeed in the workplace


About Vivek Bedi

Executive, Public Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and Storyteller

Storytelling has played a critical role in my career. An engineer by education, I was not a great storyteller at all when I started my career. It was not something I was taught nor did I pay much attention to. In fact, I failed it at so many times in many critical moments. I realized I needed a change and became obsessed with the art of storytelling.

Over the years, after countless practice I have gained the confidence to be a storyteller. Performing keynote talks in front of thousands, pitching decks to board members, and selling products to customers was not something I thought I would ever be able to do. Until I mastered storytelling. 

Join me as I share all I have learned with you in this course so you do can master storytelling. I am so excited to hear your story.





Instructor Led

Virtual Course

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2 Hours/Week (Class Time)

1 Hour/Week (Homework)


4 Weeks